Melinda Gates backs contraception for healthier, wealthier future





Family Planning 2020: the meaning of progress

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Family planning drive reaches millions of women and girls

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Family planning uptake improving, says report

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Number of Filipinos using modern contraception rose by 209,000 in 2013 – report

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Social marketing poised to make major contribution to 2020 family planning goal





Davantage de femmes et de jeunes filles ont accès aux méthodes contraceptives




Tanzania can accelerate family planning access 

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FP2020 reports huge increase in modern contraceptive use





A promise for better

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The Case for Foreign Aid: There Is No 'Them' Only 'Us'

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Buoyed by recent progress, Ethiopia can accelerate family planning access

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Investing in healthy lives

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Tanzania ranks second in contraceptive use





Novel Agreement Expands Access to Pfizer’s Contraceptive, Sayana® Press, for Women Most in Need in the World’s Poorest Countries




When 'sinning' becomes a virtue

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Kenya women lead Africa in embracing birth control

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