FP2020 is committed to a robust, purpose-driven monitoring and evaluation framework that produces data to inform action. This section of the progress report presents our findings from new data for the FP2020 Core Indicators, including observations on dimensions of equity and contraceptive method mix. We describe emerging evidence and explain our Core Indicator definitions, methodologies and data sources. We also provide updates on two projects launched under the FP2020 initiative that are changing the ways we monitor and evaluate family planning.

  • Onward to 2020: More women and girls are using contraception
  • A closer look at contraceptive prevalence: equity and method mix
  • Unmet need for modern contraception and percent of demand satisfied
  • Impact of family planning
  • Informed choice and adolescent childbearing
  • Indicators with new, emerging information
  • Track20 and PMA2020
  • Notes on methodology and data sources

Our Core Indicator analysis is tempered by the fact that FP2020’s first year is a short window of observation, during which we assumed progress would be slowest and when demand for contraception may be growing faster than access to services. It is also difficult to determine whether certain findings are the result of recent interventions or the continuation of a trajectory that began before the 2012 London Summit on Family Planning. Limited availability of data to inform annual estimates is a constraint, and we relied on statistical modeling to generate estimates where data sources were not current.


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