FP2020 would like to thank its partners from around the world who are dedicated to ensuring that women and girls have access to voluntary family planning information, services and supplies.


We acknowledge and are humbled by the many individuals and organizations that contributed information, insights and research to inform the development of FP2020 Partnership in Progress.
We are deeply grateful for the continued support of our core partners at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the UK Department for International Development, the United Nations Population Fund and the United States Agency for International Development.
We would like to express our special thanks to the Ministry of Health of Tanzania and EngenderHealth for graciously hosting FP2020 in the Western and Lake Regions of Tanzania. The team is grateful to the staff at the Ujiji Health Care Center, the Bitale Health Care Center, the Kalinzi Dispensary, the Gungu Health Care Center, the Igoma Health Care Center and the Sekou Toure Hospital, whose demonstrated commitment to the health and empowerment of women and girls is catalyzing lasting change within their communities.
Our partners contributed important sections to this report, and we would like to thank our colleagues at Advance Family Planning and PMA2020 at the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Countdown 2015 Europe; International Planned Parenthood Federation; Kaiser Family Foundation; Marie Stopes International; the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health; Population Council; and Track20 at Futures Institute, notably Emily Sonnenveldt and Priya Emmart for their guidance on the report’s Measurement, Evidence and Impact section.
This report was written by Suzanne Scoggins, Zahra Aziz and Nina Miller. We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of Kelly Dudine, Jonathan Pulik, Jessica Schwartzman and Erika Studt. The team at Hybrid Design ( transformed our text and data into a finished product, and we thank them for their dedication
to design. Dominic Chavez ( traveled with the FP2020 team to Tanzania and contributed many of the eloquent photographs that bring this report to life.
Finally, our deepest appreciation goes to the policymakers, innovators in the field, service providers and health care workers: the champions without whom all efforts to ensure the health and well-being of women and girls would be futile. Their dedication and perseverance inspires our efforts to advance family planning worldwide.



If you have questions or comments about the contents of this report, we welcome your feedback via email at


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FP2020 Progress Report 2013-2014: Partnership in Progress, Washington D.C.: FP2020, 2014.