The Performance Monitoring & Accountability Working Group (PMA WG) provides technical guidance in three critical areas: measuring progress toward FP2020’s goal, encouraging the use of data to inform decision making, and identifying gaps in the evidence needed to improve family planning programs and policies.

In 2013–2014, the PMA WG provided technical guidance to reevaluate and refine FP2020’s Core Indicator definitions, methodologies and data sources. They subsequently reviewed the 2013 Core Indicator estimates and key findings that are presented in this progress report.
Earlier this year, the PMA WG initiated two projects. The first project is evaluating whether and how an FP2020 “scorecard” might encourage advocates and decision makers on the country level to incorporate data in their strategies. The second project will examine what we currently know about contraceptive discontinuation and how we can add to this body of knowledge.


The PMA WG is currently working with the RE WG to identify new options for measuring dimensions of rights and empowerment in the context of family planning. The PMA WG is collaborating with the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on the definitions and data sources for two new FP2020 indicators of contraceptive supply availability and supply stock-outs. Moving forward, the PMA WG will continue to guide the development of an index that quantifies the degree to which a country’s policy environment enables family planning programming, and will consider new strategies for encouraging data utilization at the national and subnational levels.



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