The Market Dynamics Working Group (MD WG) works to improve global and national markets to ensure that women in FP2020 focus countries have access to a broad range of high-quality, affordable contraceptive methods. FP2020’s attention to market dynamics is driven by the need to ensure that family planning commodities are available to meet the goal of 120 million new users, and that the market is healthy enough to sustain this demand after 2020.


A key initiative of the MD WG in the past year has been the launch of the Global Markets Visibility Project, a multi-year undertaking that will provide valuable insights into the family planning commodities market (see box below). The project is a collaboration between the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC), and it was developed in close cooperation with the MD WG. The project aims to provide a data-driven, real-world image of market flows in family planning commodities, highlighting gaps between supply and demand and enabling better planning by partners, countries and suppliers.


To improve procurement and regulatory practices, the MD WG has begun a procurement-priorities research project to assess the value stakeholders ascribe to various product offerings. The MD WG identified a representational sample of procurers, donors and procurement agencies to be surveyed, and drafted questionnaires to be finalized and distributed in the fall of 2014.




As part of their efforts to expand access to a wide choice of family planning methods, the CHAI and the RHSC, in cooperation with the FP2020 Market Dynamics Working Group, are implementing a Global Markets Visibility Project. The project will address information gaps in the reproductive health commodities market, consolidate and analyze consumption and shipment data, and monitor and report market trends by product.


Since 2004, the RHSC has collected and published data on contraceptive orders and shipments. Building on this base, the RHSC and CHAI are developing a data-repository program that will enable shipment data to be de-identified and then aggregated for global analysis of market trends. CHAI will collect and manage the supplier shipment data at the global level, keeping supplier data confidential. Key shipment metrics include:

  • shipments by country and region (Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, etc.)
  • shipments by product (implants, injectables, oral contraceptives, etc.)


Working with industry, donors, and the RHSC, CHAI will publish reports that provide insight into the family planning market. Using supplier data together with in-country source data on consumption, the reports will validate actual supply and demand in the market.


The resulting insights will enable suppliers to make better decisions about capacity planning and investments. Partners will be able to identify shortfalls and excesses, and develop plans to improve family planning product markets. Countries will be able to track their progress and determine what is needed to realize their FP2020 commitments.



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