At the London Summit on Family Planning, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) committed to providing both funding and human resources to ensure greater accessibility of long-acting and reversible methods of contraception, and to continuing their work to enable women and governments to acquire these products at affordable prices. CIFF has since enhanced its commitment to focus on preventing harmful pregnancy among adolescent girls, with comprehensive choice as an important pathway.


CIFF is a core member of the guarantor group within the Implants Access Program. In 2013 and 2014, CIFF supported the rollout of long-acting methods in Ethiopia through procurement support to the national family planning program. In 2014, CIFF approved funding to mainstream self-injection of Sayana® Press. Within this program, CIFF is supporting new research on the acceptability, feasibility, and impact of Sayana® Press compared to other options and through self-injection. This program has a strong accountability goal to ensure that learning on self-injection is disseminated and that findings, if positive, are institutionalized. CIFF completed a comprehensive adolescent reproductive health landscape analysis in 2014. This is contributing to an organizational strategy review process that will be completed by 2015. The landscape review provides an analysis of where CIFF can achieve transformational change, enabling CIFF to focus attention on one or more specific areas within adolescent reproductive health. CIFF attaches particular importance to delaying first birth alongside increasing access to contraception.