In 2013, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invested US$133.6 million in family planning and is on track to provide US$148.9 million in support for 2014. The foundation’s annual budget is projected to be US$140 million per year from 2015 to 2020, which means it will meet its financial FP2020 commitment of doubling investments in family planning from US$70 million a year to US$140 million a year for eight years.


The foundation recently completed a new family planning strategy in support of the global FP2020 goal and the long-term vision of accelerating universal access to modern contraceptives.


The foundation works with global and local partners who can mobilize and influence governments, civil society, the private sector and the public to raise the visibility and importance of quality family planning counseling and services as an intervention to save the lives of women and children. It also supports national governments that are leading the development and implementation of their own country-specific plans, with input from stakeholders at the national, regional and district levels.


The foundation’s strategy outlines plans to help increase funding and improve policies for family planning, create public-private partnerships to expand contraceptive access and options, develop innovative and affordable contraceptive technologies, and support further research to close knowledge gaps. It is also exploring how family planning efforts can better meet the needs of young women and girls.


The foundation works to ensure that its partners respect the principles of voluntarism, informed choice, participation, accountability and protection against discrimination and coercion.


The foundation will focus its investments in the following countries: India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Ethiopia and DR Congo, as well as two Ouagadougou Partnership countries, Senegal and Niger.